Meet the Gang

Meet the Gang

Keith Komro
Keith is the young “old man” of the group and owner of Vital Systems Inc. He survived a double major of Accounting and IT from University of River Falls and has combined education with grass roots training to bring a unique expertise to Vital Systems. He handles large accounts that require daily monitoring and work detail; he is the driving force behind the preparation of corporate and personal tax returns during the season, which actually runs from January through October 15; and he is our fearless leader. Credits: Bachelor of Science Degree University of Wisconsin, River Falls, double major accounting and computer programming; Rotarian; Quickbooks Certified Professional Advisor.

Jessica Komro
(yes, related to Keith)
Human Resource is a new age term, but the niche has been around for years. All business owners need help managing and taking care of their resources; without employees a business does not exist. Jessica is a certified PHR and our resident expert in systems, laws, procedures, and every aspect of Human Resource. Part of her job is to research new government legislation and get the word our to our customers in language they can understand. She also has to figure out how to make all of our software work to reflect those changes.

Kayla Ryan
Kayla hails from Plum City, Wisconsin, and has jumped head first into payroll and quarterlies. Her last position was at a small accounting firm that also did payroll. We have many more clients, however. Kayla says what she processes at Vital Systems in two days equals a month’s worth of payroll at the old firm. She is helping out the general ledger folks more and more each day and has started picking up her own accounts…we love her!

Nichole Robideaux
Nichole is the first voice you hear when you call into Vital Systems. Voice mail is on only during lunch or after hours; we like the personal touch. Nichole will route you to the right person, even if you are not sure who that is! But she is much more than a pretty voice – she copies,assembles tax returns and quarterlies, and she helps the general ledger department with data entry, along with 100 other small but significant tasks that help make the office run smoothly. .

Rhett Ryan
(no relation to Kayla)
Rhett brings his 25 years experience in small business taxes and accounting to our very busy Tax Department. He has worked his own firm since 1991 but was looking for more stability and a different environment. Lucky for us he found Vital Systems! He has a Masters Degree in Business Tax from the University of Minnesota but is enjoying learning from us as well as teaching us. He is amazed at our variety of work and number of challenging clients.

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